Ambrosia Home: Furniture and Interior Design by Debra Newell

Excited to serve the communities Ambrosia Home Furniture and Décor was launched at Henderson, Nevada in November 2017.

Ambrosia Home started out of furniture, accessories, and art by providing luxury model home furnishings. Décor and the furniture proved seen across Southern Nevada in design homes. 

Ambrosia Home also associates with buys and top name producers items that are unique These things are offered at showroom and warehouse place offers up to 70 percent below retail.

Debra Newell

Debra Newell Ambrosia Home
Debra Newell - Ambrosia Home President/Owner

Debra Newell, owner of Ambrosia Home and Creator of Ambrosia Interiors assembled reputation and the organization’s brand Among the things which makes Ambrosia Home company  put the customer first. The attractiveness of Ambrosia Home is that they are passionate about providing its clients the very best experience. Staff does not sell merchandise, but sells a idea and concept. 

Award winning Interior Designer Debra Newell Provides a exciting and unique shopping experience for the residents of Henderson and Las Vegas Ambrosia Home showcases designer and custom made decoration and furniture, to design solutions in addition.

History of Ambrosia Home

Debra’s future was clear from the age of five, when she spent hours developing floor plans and building them in 3D models, decades before the invention of 3D printers. It will build the furniture and even sewing the tiny curtains.

She chose for himself working together with Syntec Homes and then overlooks globally and nationwide. 

Debra Newell was included in many projects in precisely the exact same time, she went in five times around the entire world. There were just two ventures in Egypt. In the peak of her profession, she had a team of 50.

Debra Newell left California to the suburbs of Las Vegas. It was time to get something fresh. “My oldest daughter was in the point at which she could assume the company in Irvine. I had been prepared for a shift. I really like helping and residential people with their houses.”

Not planning retire or to slow down, a shop opened. Ambrosia Home conveys design decor and furniture in addition to a composite of things she buys from builders. Newell handpicks all things herself, which vary from contemporary to traditional fashions. All stock is priced therefore her clients can find a designer look. There are two places with plans to get a third.

Newell works with customers in the Vegas and Orange County regions, commuting between both places. She is pleased with her profession. “When you do what you like, it is not like function.


Ambrosia Interior provides interior design and decoration services. Ambrosia Home is engaged in the production and supply of furniture and home planning.

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